About OxySense® Oxygen Measurement Systems

OxySense is the international leader in optical oxygen sensor systems for the packaging, packing and processing industries. The OxySense innovative optical sensing systems can be found in the research labs and on the production floors of many of the world's most progressive companies.

OxySense lab systems provide an all-in-one solution for permeation testing (both film and finished packages), shelf life studies, headspace analysis, dissolved oxygen studies, and closure and scavenger characterization.

OxySense portable systems are the solution for when you want to take the lab to work. The ideal tool for production floor and field testing.

OxySense process monitoring and control systems are the solution for batch, continuous and flow oxygen monitoring requirements. All OxySense Oxygen Analyzers fully comply with the ASTM standard F2714-08.

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No matter what your oxygen measurement requirement, OxySense can provide an easy-to-use, efficient and economic oxygen analyzer / oxygen measurement system. Contact us with your requirements and give us the opportunity to show you the innovative OxySense oxygen analyzers.